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10 Pack – Heavy Duty Visitor Badges with Clips – Reusable & Re-Writable

10 Pack – Heavy Duty Visitor Badges with Clips – Reusable & Re-Writable

10 Pack – Heavy Duty Visitor Badges with Clips – Reusable & Re-Writable


Protect your visitor’s outfits with our reusable and re-writable heavy-duty visitor badges. These badges are made of durable PVC plastic and come with clothing-friendly ID holder clips. Whether you are organizing company tours, hosting office guests, or managing board meetings, our visitor badges are the perfect solution to grant access and ensure a professional and secure environment.

Main Features

Highly Visible – Bright & Durable

Our visitor badges feature a vibrant red color with a large V on writable white tags. This high visibility ensures that your guests can be easily identified and recognized.

Credit Card Sized Pass

Each badge is sized at 2 1/8 x 3 inches, similar to a credit card. This convenient size allows for easy storage and carrying, making it hassle-free for your visitors.

Clothing Friendly Bulldog ID Clips Included

Our badges come with tight clamp clip ID holders that are clothing-friendly. You no longer need to worry about lanyards or stickers that may damage your guest’s clothes.

Writable with Permanent or Dry Erase Marker

Customize your visitor badges with ease. You can use a permanent marker for permanent information or a dry erase marker to change the details for each guest or day. The choice is yours.

High Quality Passes and Tag Holders

Our badges are printed with innovative ID badge technology, making them thicker than most laminated badges. This ensures that they are hard to copy, providing an extra layer of security for your facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I reuse the visitor badges?

Yes, these visitor badges are designed to be reusable. You can easily wipe off the previous information with a dry erase marker and write new details for the next guest.

2. Are the ID holder clips durable?

Absolutely! The ID holder clips included with the badges are made of high-quality materials and provide a tight clamp. They are designed to securely hold the badges without causing any damage to clothing.

3. Can I customize the badges with my company logo?

While our badges come with a pre-printed V design, you can still add your company name or numbers using a permanent marker. This allows you to personalize the badges and make them unique to your organization.

Order your 10 pack of heavy-duty visitor badges with clips today and ensure a professional and secure environment for your guests.