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Amana Tool – DT400T600-30 Carbide Tipped Ditec 2000 Panel

Amana Tool – DT400T600-30 Carbide Tipped Ditec 2000 Panel

Amana Tool – DT400T600-30 Carbide Tipped Ditec 2000 Panel

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient cutting tool for your woodworking projects? Look no further than the Amana Tool DT400T600-30 Carbide Tipped Ditec 2000 Panel. This high-quality panel saw blade is designed to provide clean and precise cuts, making it an essential tool for any woodworking enthusiast or professional.

Features and Specifications

Carbide Tipped

The DT400T600-30 is equipped with carbide-tipped teeth, which are known for their durability and long-lasting sharpness. This ensures that the blade can withstand the demands of heavy-duty cutting tasks and maintain its cutting performance over time.

Ditec 2000 Coating

The blade is coated with Ditec 2000, a special coating that reduces friction and heat buildup during cutting. This not only extends the blade’s lifespan but also improves the overall cutting efficiency, resulting in cleaner and smoother cuts.

400mm Diameter and 60 Teeth

With a diameter of 400mm and 60 teeth, this panel saw blade is suitable for cutting a wide range of materials, including plywood, MDF, and melamine. The 18-degree ATB (Alternate Top Bevel) tooth design ensures precise and chip-free cuts, making it ideal for both crosscuts and rip cuts.

30mm Bore Size

The DT400T600-30 features a 30mm bore size, which is compatible with most panel saws and table saws. The bore size is carefully machined to ensure a secure and vibration-free fit, allowing for smooth and accurate cutting operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this blade be used with a handheld circular saw?

No, the DT400T600-30 is specifically designed for use with panel saws and table saws. It is not recommended for handheld circular saws.

2. How often should I sharpen or replace the blade?

The frequency of sharpening or replacing the blade depends on the intensity and frequency of use. However, with proper maintenance and care, the DT400T600-30 can last for a long time before needing sharpening or replacement.

3. Can I use this blade for cutting metal?

No, the DT400T600-30 is designed for cutting wood-based materials only. Using it to cut metal can damage the blade and may result in injury.


The Amana Tool DT400T600-30 Carbide Tipped Ditec 2000 Panel is a top-notch cutting tool that delivers exceptional performance and durability. With its carbide-tipped teeth, Ditec 2000 coating, and precise tooth design, this blade ensures clean and accurate cuts every time. Whether you’re a woodworking enthusiast or a professional, this blade is a must-have for your workshop.