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Anodized Aluminum Long Dart Shafts Wholesale Dart Stems 2BA Throwing – 4 Colors 40 Pcs 53mm

Anodized Aluminum Long Dart Shafts Wholesale Dart Stems 2BA Throwing – 4 Colors 40 Pcs 53mm

Anodized Aluminum Long Dart Shafts Wholesale Dart Stems 2BA Throwing – 4 Colors 40 Pcs 53mm

Are you in search of top-notch dart shafts for your dart game? Look no further! Our anodized aluminum long dart shafts are the perfect choice for both professional and casual players. With their exceptional quality and design, these wholesale dart stems will enhance your throwing experience.

High-Quality Anodized Aluminum

Our dart shafts are made from premium anodized aluminum, ensuring durability and longevity. The anodized coating not only adds a sleek and stylish look to the shafts but also provides extra protection against wear and tear. You can trust these dart stems to withstand countless throws without losing their performance.

2BA Size for Versatility

The dart stems come in the popular 2BA size, which is compatible with most dart barrels. Whether you have steel tip darts or soft tip darts, these shafts will fit perfectly, allowing you to switch between different types of darts effortlessly. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience that our 2BA dart stems offer.

Four Vibrant Colors

Add a touch of style to your dart setup with our dart shafts available in four vibrant colors: red, blue, green, and black. Choose your favorite color or mix and match to create a unique and eye-catching combination. These colorful shafts will not only enhance your dart game but also make a statement.

40 Pieces for Endless Fun

Each pack includes 40 pieces of dart shafts, ensuring that you have an abundant supply for your dart games. Whether you’re playing with friends or participating in tournaments, you’ll never run out of dart stems. With 40 pieces at your disposal, you can focus on honing your skills and enjoying the game.

53mm Length for Optimal Performance

Our dart shafts measure 53mm in length, providing the perfect balance between stability and maneuverability. The optimal length ensures that your darts fly smoothly through the air, giving you better accuracy and control. Experience improved performance with these carefully crafted dart stems.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are these dart shafts suitable for professional use?
  2. Yes, our anodized aluminum dart shafts are designed to meet the needs of both professional and casual players. Their high-quality construction and performance make them a reliable choice for competitive dart games.

  3. Can I use these dart stems with any type of dart barrels?
  4. Absolutely! The 2BA size of our dart shafts ensures compatibility with most dart barrels, whether they are steel tip or soft tip. You can easily attach these shafts to your preferred darts without any hassle.

  5. Do the colors of the dart shafts fade over time?
  6. No, the anodized coating on our dart stems provides excellent color retention. You can expect the vibrant colors to remain intact even after prolonged use. Enjoy the long-lasting beauty of these anodized aluminum dart shafts.


Elevate your dart game with our anodized aluminum long dart shafts. These wholesale dart stems in 2BA size offer exceptional quality, vibrant colors, and optimal performance. With a pack of 40 pieces measuring 53mm in length, you’ll have everything you need for endless dart throwing fun. Upgrade your dart setup today!