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Coleman Premium 700 Lumens Dual-Fuel Camping Lantern with Case

Coleman Premium 700 Lumens Dual-Fuel Camping Lantern with Case


The Coleman Premium 700 Lumens Dual-Fuel Camping Lantern with Case is the perfect companion for all your outdoor adventures. Whether you’re camping, hunting, tailgating, or facing an emergency situation, this lantern will provide you with a bright and reliable light source. With its dual-fuel technology and adjustable brightness, it offers versatility and convenience like no other.


Extra-Bright Illumination

With a maximum brightness of 700 lumens, this lantern ensures that you have ample light to illuminate your surroundings. Whether you’re setting up camp or exploring the wilderness, the Coleman Premium Lantern will provide you with the visibility you need.

Adjustable Dimmer Knob

The lantern features an adjustable dimmer knob that allows you to customize the brightness level according to your preference. From its highest setting at 861 lumens to a lower, more subdued light, you have full control over the illumination.

Dual Fuel Technology

One of the standout features of this lantern is its dual-fuel technology. It can run on either Coleman Liquid Fuel or unleaded gasoline, providing you with flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Compared to propane-powered lanterns, this lantern consumes less fuel, making it a more economical choice.

All-Season Strong Design

Designed to withstand even the harshest conditions, the Coleman Premium Lantern is built with an All-Season Strong design. It performs exceptionally well in frigid temperatures, ensuring that you have a reliable light source regardless of the weather.

Portable and Convenient

The lantern comes with a case for easy storage and transportation. Its compact size and lightweight design make it ideal for outdoor activities. Whether you’re backpacking or setting up camp, this lantern is a convenient and practical choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does one tank of fuel last?

A single tank of fuel can power the lantern for up to 7 hours, providing you with extended illumination during your outdoor adventures.

2. Can I use this lantern indoors?

While primarily designed for outdoor use, the Coleman Premium Lantern can also be used indoors during power outages or emergencies.

3. Is the lantern covered by a warranty?

Yes, the lantern comes with a 3-year limited warranty, ensuring that you are protected against any manufacturing defects.


The Coleman Premium 700 Lumens Dual-Fuel Camping Lantern with Case is a versatile and reliable lighting solution for all your outdoor needs. With its bright illumination, adjustable brightness, and dual-fuel technology, it offers convenience and efficiency. Whether you’re camping, hunting, or facing an emergency, this lantern will be your trusted companion. Invest in the Coleman Premium Lantern and never be left in the dark again.