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Eton Elite Executive AM/FM/Aircraft Band/SSB/Shortwave Radio with RDS & Custom Leather Carry Cover

Eton Elite Executive AM/FM/Aircraft Band/SSB/Shortwave Radio with RDS & Custom Leather Carry Cover

Product Description

The Eton Elite Executive is a versatile and portable radio that receives every radio wavelength, including AM, FM, LW, and shortwave, both at home and abroad. It also features VHF aircraft band reception and single sideband (SSB) tuning. With a PLL tuner, the AM signal is strong and clear. For those who prefer digital radio, the Elite Executive can tune into HD radio in North America or DAB+ internationally.

One of the standout features of the Elite Executive is its RDS capability for FM stations. This allows users to see the station’s call letters, style of music, song title, artist, and more. The radio also includes a sync detector that improves sound quality by reducing distortion and fading. Its sensitivity enables it to pick up weaker signals, ensuring a wide range of stations can be accessed.

For those looking to enjoy their radio experience in private, the Elite Executive can be easily connected to headphones. Additionally, it has a line input that allows users to connect any audio device and listen to their favorite playlist.

The Elite Executive is not just a radio; it also functions as a clock. It features local and world time settings, radio and buzzer alarm clock settings, a sleep timer, and time backup. The bright orange LCD display with backlighting ensures time can be easily read in any zone. With 700 station memory storage for all frequencies, users will never forget where to tune in.

The radio can be powered by either the included AC adapter or 4 AA batteries (sold separately). The battery strength indicator on the display provides a convenient way to monitor battery life.

International Radio Receiver

The Elite Executive is the ultimate international radio receiver. It can receive every radio wavelength, including AM, FM with RDS, LW, and shortwave, anywhere in the world. Its precision automatic or manual digital tuning ensures accurate reception.

Versatile & Portable

In addition to its wide range of radio reception capabilities, the Elite Executive also picks up VHF aircraft band and offers single sideband (SSB) tuning. It comes with a custom leather carry cover with craftsman stitching, making it ideal for travel. Its portability allows users to enjoy their favorite radio stations wherever they go.

Stay Safe & Have Fun

For over 30 years, Eton has been dedicated to creating award-winning, innovative products for emergency preparedness and entertainment. As a proud partner of the American Red Cross, Eton ensures that their products are not only reliable but also contribute to safety and enjoyment.

Single Sideband (SSB) with +/- 1 kHz Tuning

The Elite Executive offers single sideband (SSB) tuning with +/- 1 kHz accuracy. This feature allows users to fine-tune their reception and enjoy clear and precise audio.

Continuing a Legacy

Eton has a legacy of combining the best of old-world analog electronics with the efficiency of modern-day circuits and systems. The Elite Executive is a testament to this legacy, offering a seamless blend of classic design and advanced technology. The radio is complemented by custom-designed accessories like stitched satchels and pouches, enhancing the overall Eton experience.

Eton’s Commitment to Information

Eton is committed to helping users stay entertained and informed. Whether listening to a local radio station or tuning into signals from a faraway land, Eton’s radios are a reliable source of news, music, and information. With Eton’s radios, users can always stay connected to the latest updates and enjoy their favorite content.


The Eton Elite Executive AM/FM/Aircraft Band/SSB/Shortwave Radio with RDS & Custom Leather Carry Cover is a versatile and portable radio that offers a wide range of reception capabilities. Its international radio receiver functionality ensures that users can enjoy their favorite stations anywhere in the world. With its sleek design, advanced features, and commitment to quality, the Elite Executive is the perfect companion for both travel and everyday use.