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Grass Restore Treats – Dog Urine Neutralizer for Lawn

Grass Restore Treats – Dog Urine Neutralizer for Lawn

Grass Restore Treats – Dog Urine Neutralizer for Lawn


Grass Restore Treats are a revolutionary solution for dog owners who struggle with maintaining a healthy lawn due to dog urine. These treats are specifically designed to neutralize the harmful effects of dog urine on grass, promoting a lush and green lawn.

Why Choose Grass Restore Treats?

1. Natural Grass Treatment: Grass Restore Treats are made from natural ingredients that are safe for both dogs and the environment. They provide a natural solution to repair and restore your lawn.

2. Dog Urine Neutralizer: The unique formula of Grass Restore Treats effectively neutralizes the high nitrogen content in dog urine, preventing grass burn spots and discoloration.

3. Lawn Repair: These treats not only neutralize dog urine but also promote the growth of healthy grass. They contain essential nutrients that support lawn repair and rejuvenation.

4. DL-Methionine: Grass Restore Treats are enriched with DL-Methionine, an amino acid that helps maintain a healthy bladder and urinary tract in dogs. This ensures your furry friend’s overall well-being.

How to Use Grass Restore Treats?

1. Feeding Instructions: Give your dog the recommended number of treats based on their weight. These treats are delicious and can be easily incorporated into your dog’s daily routine.

2. Water Intake: Encourage your dog to drink plenty of water after consuming Grass Restore Treats. This helps in diluting the urine and further reducing the chances of grass burn spots.

3. Regular Usage: For best results, use Grass Restore Treats consistently as part of your dog’s diet. This will ensure continuous protection and repair of your lawn.


Grass Restore Treats are the ultimate solution for dog owners who want to maintain a beautiful and healthy lawn. With their natural ingredients, dog urine neutralizing properties, and bladder health benefits, these treats provide a comprehensive solution to lawn damage caused by dog urine. Say goodbye to unsightly grass burn spots and hello to a vibrant and lush lawn with Grass Restore Treats!