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Junkin 4 Pcs Learn Swim Pool Kickboard for Kids

Junkin 4 Pcs Learn Swim Pool Kickboard for Kids

Junkin 4 Pcs Learn Swim Pool Kickboard for Kids

Get your kids ready for summer with the Junkin 4 Pcs Learn Swim Pool Kickboard. This fun and colorful kickboard set is perfect for pool swimming training and summer exercise.

Product Features

1. Unicorn Kickboard

The unicorn kickboard is designed with a cute unicorn shape and vibrant colors. It provides stability and support for kids while they learn to swim.

2. Bunny Kickboard

The bunny kickboard features a bunny shape with floppy ears. It is lightweight and easy to hold, making it ideal for young swimmers.

3. Fishtail Kickboard

The fishtail kickboard has a unique fishtail design that adds a touch of fun to swimming sessions. It helps kids improve their kicking technique and build leg strength.

4. Mermaid Kickboard

The mermaid kickboard is perfect for kids who love mermaids. It has a mermaid tail shape and is made of durable materials for long-lasting use.

5. Shark Kickboard

The shark kickboard is designed to resemble a shark, making swimming sessions more exciting. It helps kids develop their swimming skills and build confidence in the water.

6. Turtle Kickboard

The turtle kickboard features a turtle shape and is suitable for both beginners and advanced swimmers. It provides support and stability for kids of all skill levels.

7. Octopus Kickboard

The octopus kickboard has a playful octopus design that kids will love. It is lightweight and easy to carry, making it perfect for swimming lessons and pool parties.

8. Crab Kickboard

The crab kickboard is shaped like a crab and is great for improving swimming technique. It helps kids practice their kicks and build endurance in the water.


1. Are these kickboards suitable for all ages?

Yes, these kickboards are designed for kids of all ages. They provide support and stability for beginners and help advanced swimmers improve their technique.

2. Can these kickboards be used in the ocean?

These kickboards are primarily designed for pool use. While they can be used in the ocean, it is recommended to use them in a controlled environment like a swimming pool.

3. Are these kickboards durable?

Yes, these kickboards are made of high-quality materials that are built to last. They can withstand regular use and are resistant to wear and tear.

4. Can these kickboards be used by adults?

These kickboards are specifically designed for kids, but adults can also use them for light exercise or as a fun pool accessory.


The Junkin 4 Pcs Learn Swim Pool Kickboard for Kids is a must-have for summer. With its variety of fun and colorful designs, it will make swimming training and exercise enjoyable for kids. Get your kids ready for a summer full of swimming fun with these kickboards!