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Made in USA: Premium Lux Details Instant Reusable Heat Packs

Made in USA: Premium Lux Details Instant Reusable Heat Packs

Made in USA: Premium Lux Details Instant Reusable Heat Packs


Experience instant pain relief with Premium Lux Details Instant Reusable Heat Packs. Made in the USA from premium medical-grade materials, these heat packs provide therapeutic heat for muscle aches, joint pain, and more. Find out how to activate and reuse these eco-friendly, non-toxic warmers.

How to Use

Activating the Heat Pack

To activate the pack, simply flex the metal disc activator inside. The pack will begin to heat instantly, and, in under 30 seconds, your hot pack will reach 120°F to comfortably soothe aches and pains.

Resetting the Heat Pack

After using your Premium Lux Details pack, you can reset it for use in the future. Just boil the heat pack in a pot. Boil until the heat pack returns to liquid form – about 25 – 35 minutes – then simmer for 10. For best results, store in liquid form.

Safe and Effective

Our Premium Lux Details packs are safe and effective. They are made of a medical-grade vinyl and a non-toxic inner solution. Because they are made with such quality materials, they can be used over and over again!

Versatile and Convenient

Premium Lux Details reusable hot packs are designed to offer comfort and warmth to every part of your body. Whether you are suffering from arthritis, lower back, knee, shoulder, wrist, or ankle pain, or you need relief from achy muscles and symptoms related to PMS, Heat Wave can help.

If you have an emergency during a wilderness survival camp or are warming your hands and feet while watching your kids’ cold-weather sporting events, Premium Lux Details hot packs offer the warmth you need when you need it.

Premium Lux Details also makes the perfect addition to your emergency supply kit or survival gear and is small enough to fit in your hiking, camping, or hunting pack. Get yours today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the heat pack stay hot?

The heat pack can stay hot for 1-2 hours depending on its size and insulation.

How do I reuse the heat pack?

To reuse the heat pack, place it in boiling water until it returns to liquid form. Let it cool and store it in liquid form for best results.

Are the heat packs eco-friendly?

Yes, the heat packs are eco-friendly. They are made from premium, medical-grade materials and are non-toxic.

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