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Malco FDC1 Flex Duct Cutter with Wire Cutter

Malco FDC1 Flex Duct Cutter with Wire Cutter

Malco FDC1 Flex Duct Cutter with Wire Cutter


The Malco FDC1 Flex Duct Cutter with Wire Cutter is a revolutionary tool designed specifically for cutting flexible ducts. With its innovative design and advanced features, it offers unmatched precision and ease of use. Whether you are a professional HVAC technician or a DIY enthusiast, this tool is a must-have for your toolbox.


  • Precision Cutting: The FDC1 Flex Duct Cutter is equipped with a sharp blade that allows you to make clean and precise cuts on flexible ducts. Say goodbye to jagged edges and uneven cuts.
  • Wire Cutter: In addition to cutting ducts, this tool also features a built-in wire cutter. This eliminates the need for carrying multiple tools, saving you time and effort.
  • Ergonomic Design: The FDC1 is designed with comfort in mind. Its ergonomic handle provides a secure grip, reducing hand fatigue during extended use.
  • Durable Construction: Made from high-quality materials, this tool is built to last. It can withstand heavy use and is resistant to wear and tear.
  • Compact and Portable: The compact size of the FDC1 makes it easy to carry around. It fits perfectly in your toolbox or tool belt, allowing you to take it wherever you go.


Investing in the Malco FDC1 Flex Duct Cutter with Wire Cutter offers numerous benefits:

  • Time-Saving: With its efficient cutting mechanism, this tool allows you to complete your duct cutting tasks in less time, increasing your productivity.
  • Cost-Effective: By eliminating the need for multiple tools, the FDC1 helps you save money. You no longer have to purchase separate wire cutters, reducing your expenses.
  • Professional Results: The precision cutting capability of this tool ensures that you achieve professional-quality results every time. Your ducts will fit perfectly, improving the overall efficiency of your HVAC system.
  • Convenience: The compact and portable design of the FDC1 allows you to carry it with ease. You can work on duct cutting projects anywhere, without any hassle.
  • Durability: This tool is built to withstand the rigors of daily use. Its durable construction ensures that it will last for years, providing you with long-term value for your investment.


The Malco FDC1 Flex Duct Cutter with Wire Cutter is a game-changer in the world of duct cutting. Its precision cutting, built-in wire cutter, ergonomic design, and durability make it the ultimate tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Invest in this tool today and experience the convenience and efficiency it brings to your duct cutting projects.