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PalliPartners LCD Digital 1080P 10 Megapixels Microscope

PalliPartners LCD Digital 1080P 10 Megapixels Microscope

PalliPartners LCD Digital 1080P 10 Megapixels Microscope


The PalliPartners LCD Digital 1080P 10 Megapixels Microscope is a cutting-edge device that combines advanced camera technology with a high-definition screen. With its 10MP camera and 4.3-inch LCD display, this microscope allows you to observe tiny objects with incredible clarity and precision.

Main Features

  • 10.0MP camera technology for clear and detailed images
  • 4.3-inch high-definition LCD screen for a large visual field
  • 1-1000X magnification zoom for versatile observation
  • Wireless USB connectivity for easy data transfer
  • 32G TF card for storing captured images and recorded videos
  • 3000 mA rechargeable battery for long hours of use
  • Adjustable stand for stable positioning
  • 16 language options for global usability

HD Screen and Precise Focus

The 4.3-inch high-definition LCD screen of the PalliPartners microscope provides a clear and detailed view of your specimens. With a resolution of 720P and 10.0MP camera technology, you can easily see the fine details of tiny objects. The precise focus feature ensures that your observations are sharp and accurate.

Long Working Distance and Stability

This microscope offers three time recording modes of 3, 5, and 10 minutes, allowing you to capture videos of different lengths. The adjustable stand provides stability and is perfect for repair, soldering, and inspecting large objects. The rugged metal base reduces vibration, ensuring that your specimens stay in sharp focus.

Complete Configuration

The PalliPartners microscope comes with 8 adjustable LED lights that provide ample and even lighting. The yellowish color of the lights enhances contrast, making it easier to see clear details. The microscope also includes a 32G TF card for storing your images and videos, as well as a 3000 mA rechargeable battery that allows for long hours of use.

More Functions for Comprehensive Observation

In addition to its impressive magnification capabilities, the PalliPartners microscope offers various resolutions, picture quality settings, and white balance modes. You can also adjust the exposure compensation to further enhance your observations. With these features, you can observe objects ranging from 1X to 1000X magnification, allowing for a comprehensive exploration of the microscopic world.

Experience the power of the PalliPartners LCD Digital 1080P 10 Megapixels Microscope and unlock a new level of microscopic observation. Order yours today!