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TECKWAVE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (TW-C10) – Product Description

TECKWAVE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (TW-C10) – Product Description

TECKWAVE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (TW-C10)

Introducing the TECKWAVE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (TW-C10), the perfect cleaning companion for your home or office. With its powerful suction, large bin size, and adjustable suction, this vacuum cleaner is designed to make your cleaning tasks easier and more efficient.

Powerful Suction

With a maximum suction pressure of 12000Pa, the TECKWAVE TW-C10 can effectively clean any type of surface, from hard floors to carpets. Say goodbye to dirt, dust, and debris with this high-performance stick vacuum.

Runtime & Handling

We understand the importance of a vacuum cleaner that can handle your day-to-day cleaning needs. That’s why the TECKWAVE TW-C10 is designed with a lightweight battery that provides 35 minutes of runtime. This ensures comfortable handling and allows you to clean your entire space without interruption.

Large Bin Size

Forget about constantly emptying the bin while cleaning. The TECKWAVE TW-C10 comes with a large bin size of 1.3L, allowing you to clean more without the hassle of frequent bin emptying. Spend less time emptying and more time cleaning.

Washable Filter

Our cordless vacuum cleaner is equipped with a washable and reusable Hepa filter. This ensures maximum performance and longevity of the vacuum cleaner. If needed, additional filters can be purchased for your convenience.

Motorized Roller Brush & LED Light

The TECKWAVE TW-C10 features a motorized roller brush that enhances the cleaning performance of the stick vacuum. With three LED lights on the roller head, every dirt and debris is illuminated, ensuring a thorough and complete clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How long does the battery last?
  • A: The TECKWAVE TW-C10 provides 35 minutes of runtime.
  • Q: Is the filter washable?
  • A: Yes, the filter is washable and reusable.
  • Q: Can I purchase additional filters?
  • A: Yes, additional filters can be purchased if needed.


The TECKWAVE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (TW-C10) is a powerful and efficient cleaning tool that will make your cleaning tasks a breeze. With its high suction power, large bin size, and washable filter, this vacuum cleaner is designed to meet all your cleaning needs. Say goodbye to dirt and debris and hello to a cleaner and healthier space.