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The Boys Oversized Hardcover Omnibus Volume 3 Signed

The Boys Oversized Hardcover Omnibus Volume 3 Signed

The Boys Oversized Hardcover Omnibus Volume 3 Signed

“The Boys Oversized Hardcover Omnibus Volume 3 Signed” is the ultimate collector’s item for fans of the critically acclaimed comic book series. This limited edition omnibus features the complete third volume of The Boys, along with exclusive bonus content and a signature from the series creator.

Unleash the Excitement

With over 600 pages of action-packed storytelling, this oversized hardcover omnibus takes readers on a wild ride through the gritty and dark world of The Boys. Follow the exploits of the titular group as they take on corrupt superheroes and expose the truth behind their celebrity status.

A Must-Have for Fans

If you’re a fan of The Boys, this oversized hardcover omnibus is a must-have addition to your collection. Not only does it contain the entire third volume of the series, but it also includes exclusive behind-the-scenes content, character sketches, and commentary from the creative team.

Limited Edition Collectible

This omnibus is a limited edition collectible, making it even more valuable to fans and collectors. Each copy is individually numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing its rarity and uniqueness.

  1. Is this omnibus suitable for new readers?
  2. While it’s recommended to start with the first volume, new readers can still enjoy the thrilling stories and stunning artwork in this omnibus.

  3. Is the signature authentic?
  4. Yes, the signature is authentic and personally signed by the series creator.

  5. How many pages does this omnibus contain?
  6. This omnibus contains over 600 pages of content, including the complete third volume of The Boys.

  7. Can I purchase this omnibus online?
  8. Yes, this limited edition omnibus is available for purchase online. Visit our website to secure your copy today.


The Boys Oversized Hardcover Omnibus Volume 3 Signed is a must-have for fans of the series. With its limited edition status, exclusive bonus content, and the signature of the series creator, this collectible is a true gem. Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of The Boys and get your hands on this oversized hardcover omnibus today!