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Woolala Light Weight Pet Carrier Backpack for Small and Medium Dogs

Woolala Light Weight Pet Carrier Backpack for Small and Medium Dogs

Woolala Light Weight Pet Carrier Backpack for Small and Medium Dogs

Upgraded Dog Backpack

According to the feedback from our regular customers, we have made significant updates to our pet carrier backpack. The upgrades include:

  • Addition of a waist strap to distribute the load and reduce shoulder strain.
  • Thicker foam padding on the shoulder strap for enhanced comfort.
  • Wider supported pad to help your dog balance easily.

Premium Material

We understand the unique characteristics of a dog backpack, which is why we have carefully selected high-quality fabric with inner waterproofing. This ensures that even if your pet has an accident, you won’t have to worry about getting dirty. The fabric is also durable and washable without causing any irritation or side effects to your beloved dog.

Diverse Functions

Our dog backpack is designed with various features to enhance your pet’s comfort and convenience:

  • Adjustable bag mouth for easy access.
  • Two mats – one soft and one hard – for added comfort.
  • Mesh breathable strap with reflective strip for safety.
  • Whistle buckle for added security.
  • Main and side pockets to store travel essentials.
  • Elastic buckles on each pocket to prevent items from falling out.

Intimate Contact

Your dog’s front paws can be extended to rest on your shoulders, and their head can be exposed from the pocket. This allows for a comfortable and secure experience while increasing communication between you and your pet. The Woolala Light Weight Pet Carrier Backpack is perfect for shorter hikes, bike rides, and any other quick trips or outings you can dream up.

Different Sizes for Choice

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and we have got your dog covered! Our pet carrier backpack is available in 4 sizes to fit your Yorkie or larger sizes for your chubby Frenchie or Corgi. Please refer to the size chart in the image to find the right size based on your dog’s bust and back length. If your dog has long legs or a larger bust, we recommend choosing one size larger.